June 8, 2017

Welcome to Panakio.com!

Panakio Adjusters was founded in 1937 during a time when there weren’t any smart phones, ipads, insurance software or the internet. The fact that we are launching our new website is such a great milestone for us!

We are a service business, we work for you not the insurance company. For years our business has been built on our ability to navigate our clients through the claims process and ultimately guide them to a place where their claim is settled and life returns to somewhat of a normal state. The fact is that most people have no idea that we exist until something goes wrong which makes our business heavily referral based. Our ability to empathize with our clients and negotiate with the insurance company on their behalf has made us a leader in our industry since we opened our doors in 1937.

Imagine your house is on fire, what do you do? Who do you call? Who knows what to do after the fire is extinguished? We do.

Our excitement around this website stems from the fact that today’s technology is allowing us to educate the public on our service: why we exist, how we bring value and make your experience less traumatic as you begin to rebuild after a business or homeowners loss.
The bottom line is that we work for you, we advocate for you but most importantly we care about YOU. We are the people to call when you have a fire or water loss because we know what to do next.

Thank you for visiting our new site! We hope that it is informative and easy to navigate.

All the best,
The Panakio Team